Here are the different types of co-workers you might work with

Here are the different types of co-workers you might work with

On Thursday, Breakfast with Martin Bester discussed the different types of co-workers you come across at work.

Co-workers gossiping

Work can sometimes be difficult, considering you must navigate many people with different personalities.

There are also different types of people you get at work, from the ones who gossip too much and the office clown to that one who complains about everything. 

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Here is the complete list of the different types of co-workers you get:

The Nice One

This person seems to easily get along with everyone in the office without having to try too hard. Work colleagues simply know that they're nice people. Always positive, polite, and avoid gossiping. 

The Complainer

Whatever happens at work, whether good or bad, they always have something negative to say about it. Nothing seems to be enough, and there's always an air of dissatisfaction about them.

The Gossiper

This can be found in any office in any industry. You're bound to come across (or perhaps you might've even participated with) the gossiper(s). Somehow, it appears that this person is the first to know about everything that occurs, not only in the office, but also in the personal lives of their colleagues and bosses. 

The Know-It-All

This person will always have something to say, object to, correct, or argue about – regardless of whether he/she is in a discussion, meeting, or just having a water cooler talk with colleagues. This know-it-all frequently believes that they own the world, and are always correct. 

The 'MIA'

The MIA (missing in action) is never at their desk when you walk by, and never responds to meeting invitations. They are also the type who takes medical leave quite often as well.

The Hot Stuff

The "fashionista at work" is another term for someone who's hot stuff. They would always dress up and never show up to work looking like they had just gotten out of bed. They're well-known for being one of the best-looking employees.

The Office Clown

All this person seems to do on a daily basis is make everyone in their vicinity laugh, or make jokes at the expense of everyone else in the office. It's difficult to tell when they're serious. It can turn out to be a good thing because it makes the workplace more enjoyable to work in. 

The Ancient

Having senior co-workers can be great, but the ancient has been at this job way too long. They become so old-school and grumpy, there might just be a problem popping up in the working culture. 

The Bootlicker

Also referred to as the "boss' pet" and the "yes person". Whatever they do or say at work is primarily to please the bosses and stay on their good side. One of the worst things that the person could be doing is sabotaging other co-workers to get ahead, and lying to get what they want. 

The Drama Queen/King

The kind of colleague who believes that the office, co-workers, and even the world, revolves around them. They simply want to be the centre of attention, and they're usually those who are always loud, controlling, and, of course, full of "drama"! 

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Here are a few more nicknames you can give your co-workers:

KiKat – Always having a break.

Justin – Does Justinuff to not get fired.

Butter knife – Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Motion light – Only works when someone walks past.

ET - Just wants to go home.

Lantern – Not very bright and has to be carried.

Birthday Cake – Because everyone got a piece.

Blister – Always shows up when the work is done.

Which co-worker are you?

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