These traits mean that you are "socially dumb"

These traits mean that you are "socially dumb"

Reddit users compiled a list of signs showing that someone is socially dumb or fails at basic public etiquette.


We've all been in awkward social situations where we were left confused or sometimes embarrassed.

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Often, other people’s lack of understanding of social cues or lack of basic public etiquette could lead to these situations. 

The worst part is that most people don’t even realise when they are socially dumb or committing social faux pas. 

A group of fed-up Reddit users came together to compile their own list of traits that show that someone is "socially dumb". 

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Here is the complete list:

1.     Listening to music out loud without headphones

2.     Being a sore loser

3.     Pretending not to understand something when you are wrong

4.     Only talking about themselves

5.     Constantly yelling or interrupting people during an argument/ debate

6.     Thinking that being blunt or brutally honest is an asset

7.     Insulting someone when you're losing an argument

8.     Not being able to assess opposing viewpoints

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