TikTok announces new changes to curb 'unkind' comments on the App

TikTok announces new changes to curb 'unkind' comments on the app

Users have consistently complained of the hateful comments and harassment on the app, TikTok. 

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Posting negative comments, or trolling, is a way for some people to gain recognition and sometimes it’s just something they do to entertain themselves. However, people are calling for more compassion on the internet. 

TikTok is taking a stand by making some changes on the platform. 

In the mission to curb "unkind" and "inappropriate" comments on the video platform, two changes will take effect. 

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The first of two changes announced is an option for creators to "Filter All Comments", allowing TikTok creators to hide all of the comments on their videos until they approve them. 

The second of the two new features will prompt users before leaving comments that the app considers "unkind" or "inappropriate".

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The company did not specify which words or phrases would trigger the warning for comments. 

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