VIDEO: Checkers Sixty60 driver mugged during delivery

VIDEO: Checkers Sixty60 driver mugged during delivery

Is anyone in this country safe from crime?

X/ Screenshot

While some South Africans are doing their best to make an honest living, others are out rampaging through our streets, committing crimes as they go.

One would think that despite the already high crime rate, some citizens might just get a free pass from criminals, but you would be mistaken. 

Even your food delivery isn’t safe!

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A video shared on X shows a Checkers Sixty60 driver waiting outside a gate to drop off some groceries when three men come up behind them to steal all of the goods.  

Watch here:

The driver, presumably busy on their phone, seems to be distracted when two men walk up to their bike from behind a wall.

One man proceeds to pull out what looks like a gun, pointing it at the driver.

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After grabbing the driver's phone, they quickly opened the back of the bike, grabbing the groceries that were about to be delivered. 

To make matters worse, a third man also comes running from behind the wall, coming back for the last two bags.

The driver helplessly stands back, watching as these criminals quickly make their getaway.

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Image: X/Screenshot


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