WATCH: Alleged kidnapping attempt in Meyersdal supermarket

WATCH: Alleged kidnapping attempt in Meyersdal supermarket

Video footage shared on Facebook shows a shocking scene of a woman's child being snatched at a local supermarket. 

Facebook/ Screenshot

In a post on Facebook, a woman, Danielle Wolff, shared a video of what seemed to be an attempted kidnapping. 

In the video, the woman can be seen holding her baby, but in an attempt to free her hands while at the meat section, she put the eight-month-old in the trolley.

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In mere moments, as the mother was bending down, a man who appears to be working at the supermarket walks to the trolley, picks up the baby, and walks away. 

Fortunately, the mother looked up and realised her baby was gone. As she looked around, she noticed the man was holding her baby. 

Wolff recalls, in her post, being able to grab the child from the man while asking him what he was doing with her baby. 

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"He is smiling and laughing telling me he walked past the trolley and my daughter's arms were up, so he picked her up. I am frozen and confused. Why is he laughing?"

In her post, Wolff warns parents about the dangers that lurk around. "YOU THINK IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU," she posted.

After reporting the incident, the manager allegedly said that they would investigate the matter and "talk to the staff member".

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According to Wolff's post, the suspect has since been arrested and investigations are underway. The "head" of the supermarket is also assisting in the case. 

Alberton Record also confirmed that this story is still developing and more updates will be shared soon. 

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Image Credit: Facebook/ Screenshot


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