WATCH: Chery reveals new human-like AI robot

WATCH: Chery reveals new human-like AI robot

The robot, which goes by Mornine, has the ability to walk, talk, and perform other basic human tasks.

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Despite the number of films that have presented the potential dangers of creating humanoid robots, it seems the human race is going full steam ahead in developing these AI-powered machines.

Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer Chery recently revealed its one-of-a-kind humanoid robot, Mornine, once again proving that life imitates art.

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What was once pure fiction, included in action-packed films, has become our reality.

The new bipedal robot, which is powered by artificial intelligence and walks on two legs, has a highly biomimetic design that mimics the shape and movement of a human.

According to the official press release, Chery Automobile, the parent company of OMODA & JAECOO, collaborated with the technology company AiMOGA to create what they called the "world's first walking bionic robot".

Mornine has an electrical energy source and features a human-like face made from lifelike silicone that can mimic human oral and facial muscles, reported IOL.

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It also has an in-built Large Language Model (LLM), which enables it to answer questions and respond to instructions.

The humanoid robot has been designed to fulfil three functions that will help consumers in their daily lives:

  1. Smart retail store waiters: Mornine can provide help and information to consumers in retail stores.
  2. Household assistance: The robot will be able to help users with various daily tasks as an intelligent household assistant.
  3. Development and optimisations for specific application scenarios: "Mornine has the ability to meet specific needs in various industries and environments."

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