WATCH: Fans help Adele as she forgets lyrics on stage

WATCH: Fans help Adele as she forgets lyrics on stage

Adele truly is a gift to this world and should be protected at all costs!


British superstar Adele has been making headlines since the start of her Las Vegas residency following the success of her album, ‘30’.

The ‘Easy On Me’ singer managed to crawl her way into the hearts of millions of fans, not only with her music, but also her hilarious personality.

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A recent video shared on TikTok proved exactly why so many fans love her. 

During a performance at her Las Vegas residency, Adele accidentally forgot the words to her song, ‘I Drink Wine’. Ironic, much?

@adele_daydreeamers #Adele30 #adele #weekendswithadele #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound - ADELE

In true Adele fashion, she reacted very casually to the faux pas when she proceeded to ask one of the audience members to remind her what the lyrics are.

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“I forgot the f*cking lyrics… remind me of me lyrics, remind me of me lyrics.” 

As she passed the mic to an audience member, asking them to help her with the lyrics, the entire crowd began to sing along.

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