WATCH: Mrs. Sri Lanka’s crown dramatically snatched off her head

WATCH: Mrs Sri Lanka’s crown dramatically snatched off her head

She has since spoken out after her crowning controversy. 

Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant
Source: Colombo Gazette YouTube screenshot

Imagine being part of a pageant fiasco and the entire world seeing it? 

That is exactly what happened to the newly-crowned Mrs Sri Lanka. 

Last year's winner and current Mrs World, Caroline Jurie, snatched the crown off her head moments after she won the title. 

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The previous winner claimed she was a divorcee and therefore not eligible to take part and win the crown. 

However, the claims were false and Mrs Sri Lanka World winner, Pushpika De Silva, broke her silence, rectifying the situation. 

Video footage of the glitzy night shows the crowning moment and straight after, the pageant's 2019 winner and Mrs World 2020 takes the microphone and says: "I have a small request, as for the Mrs. World Inc., there's a rule that you'll have to be married, and not divorced. So, I'm taking my first step saying that the crown goes to the first runner-up."

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Mrs Sri Lanka said in a Facebook post on 5 April: “On the other hand I'm not a divorced woman. I say with great responsibility that I am not a divorced woman even at this moment of writing. If I was divorced, I would dare them to submit my divorce scripts. I'm still an un-divorced woman. If I wasn't fit at the beginning of this tournament they could have removed me.” 

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Image credit: Colombo Gazette YouTube screenshot

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