Watch one of Shaleen Surtie-Richards’ last jokes she told

Watch one of Shaleen Surtie-Richards’ last jokes she told

The country was shocked to hear the news of her passing early on Monday morning.

Shaleen Swirl the movie
Source: Quanita Adams Instagram (Swirl movie)

The South African television and film industry has lauded the skill of legendary actress Shaleen Surtie-Richards.

The legendary performer is best known for her television roles on shows such as 'Generations', '7de Laan' and 'Egoli', as well as for playing Fiela in the film, 'Fiela se Kind'.

Surtie-Richards was 66 at the time of her passing.

According to Jacaranda FM News, the family spokesperson Alister Izobel says while her passing is sad, the industry also now has the opportunity to celebrate work.

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“Today the family of Shaleen did not only find themselves sad, but hold hands with her acting fraternity and all those she had encountered or just had a conversation with her, actors, musicals, writers, directors, producers, channels of networks  television networks all salute her work  and hold her dear in our memories for the contribution in the south African acting industry.”

The actress was a favourite on TikTok, believe it or not! She boasted some 28,000 followers as she entertained social media users with Afrikaans jokes.

She was an actress with an incredible sense of humour and was known to ‘say things as it is’, followed with laughter from those around her.

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Watch one of Shaleen Surtie-Richards’ last jokes below:


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Image credit: Quanita Adams Instagram ('Swirl' movie image)

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