WATCH: Victoria Beckham performs Spice Girls song during karaoke

WATCH: Victoria Beckham performs Spice Girls song during karaoke

David Beckham shared a video of his wife, Victoria Beckham, singing a Spice Girls song during a karaoke performance!

Victoria Beckham
Instagram/ Victoria Beckham

In a video shared on Instagram, fans were spoiled with a glimpse of Victoria Beckham, 48, returning to her Posh Spice roots. 

The video shows the former Spice Girl passionately performing the iconic 1997 song, 'Stop', from the Spice Girls' album, 'Spiceworld'. 

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Her family also showed their support by performing as her backup dancers while her husband David Beckham, 47, was taking a video of the performance. 

Beckham uploaded the video on Saturday while on vacation with his family in France. The former footballer captioned the video: "Karaoke night with the one & only Posh Spice". 

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Victoria Beckham can be seen wearing a figure-hugging black midi dress while confidentially belting the 90s hit and executing some of the original dance moves. 

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