WATCH: Are these the world's dumbest robbers?

WATCH: Are these the world's dumbest robbers?

We have seen many robbers in South Africa but these robbers did not have a plan at all.

Robbers in Belgium arrested
Robbers in Belgium arrested/Youtube

There are some really sophisticated criminals at work in all parts of the world on any given day, but this group of robbers must be some of the worst we’ve seen in a while!

Would-be-thieves tried to rob a Belgian store but were told by the owner to return later when there would be more money in the cash register.

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The promise of getting their sticky hands onto more money was more than enough to convince them to leave the store empty-handed only to return later that day.

When the gang arrived back at the e-cigarette store, they were quickly arrested by police officers who had been waiting for them, RTL had reported on Tuesday. 

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