Teen fights off bear to protect her dogs

Teen fights off bear to protect her dogs

A woman, a bear, and her dogs. How do you think this encounter will end? 

Woman fighting bear
Source: Bria Celeste Twitter

A viral video shows a teenager’s encounter to protect her dogs. The frightening incident was caught on home CCTV cameras on 30 May 2021.  

The teenager, Hailey Morinico, said she heard the dogs barking in the backyard and went for an inspection.   

Upon walking into her backyard, she saw a massive bear and her cubs on the wall of her property! One can see the bear violently swiping at the black dog as well as the other dogs.  

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Moments later, the teenager runs out and tries to get rid of the bear, with her bare hands!   

Hailey said: "Honestly, I did not know it was a bear until right after I pushed it. I didn't register in my head that it was a bear. I was like 'It's an animal and it's taking my child' and I pushed the bear." 

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Image credit: Bria Celeste Twitter

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