Woman jumps on her car at petrol station to stop hijacker

Woman jumps on her car to stop thieves

A woman stopped carjackers by jumping on the hood of her vehicle at a fuel station.

Woman escapes hijacking
Source: Twitter/CarTrackerSA

In another attempted carjacking, a woman stopped the criminals in their tracks by jumping on the hood of her car.

In the video, one can see the woman filling her vehicle at a fuel station. Moments later, a black car pulls up with one man jumping out and sneakily jumping in the driver’s seat of the woman’s car.

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When the woman realised the man was about to drive off with her car, she jumped on top of her car and grabbed the windshield wiper.

The incident happened in Wisconsin. The would-be thief gave up and jumped back into the getaway car and sped off.

Richard Brussow, director of the National Hijacking Prevention Academy (NHPA), has been investigating hijackings for 21 years and previously shared his findings from an in-depth analysis of hijackings on Breakfast with Martin Bester. Listen to it here.  

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Watch the video below.  

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