Woman uses her underwear as mask in local supermarket

Woman uses her underwear as mask in local supermarket

Twitter users could not believe what they were seeing and concluded that the video was so bizarre, that it must be a prank.

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Source: Twitter

Another video of a shopper’s meltdown about not wearing a mask has gone viral - and it's worse than what we have seen before!

Exactly a week ago, a video trended on social media of a woman in a supermarket refusing to wear a mask.

The woman confronted staff and demanded the staff remove their PPE.  

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The staff politely asked her to put her mask on, but instead she raised her voice about her Constitutional rights. 

Now, in another video, a second woman is asked to put her mask on, except she doesn’t have one, so in an act of defiance, she removes her underwear and pulls it over her face. 

Another shopper, who took the video, can be heard laughing in disbelief at the situation. 

It is not clear when the incident took place and at which supermarket.

Watch the video here.

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Image credit: Twitter @Abramjee

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