Wonderful moment deaf baby hears for the first time

Wonderful moment deaf baby hears for the first time

We often take our senses for granted, but get reminded of our amazing and fortunate ability to hear from time to time. This is one of those times.

Baby Alex

First shock, then it took him by complete surprise.

A child’s smile is the best, but imagine your child smiling and knowing they can finally hear you?

Alex Denman-Sang, a five-month-old, was fitted with his new hearing aid and heard his parents’ voices for the first time while sitting on his father’s lap.

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When he heard his mother’s voice, his face lit up and he could not stop smiling.

Baby Alex was born with Bilateral Moderate Sensorineural hearing loss, making him almost deaf.

People took to Twitter to gush over the gorgeous baby and this wonderful situation:

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The video of Alex has now been watched more than 9,400 times on Twitter.

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