Zola Nene teaches Gordon Ramsay the art of isiZulu cooking in South Africa

Zola Nene teaches Gordon Ramsay the art of isiZulu cooking in South Africa

'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted' became a favourite when it launched last year, and we are thrilled that his latest journey begins right here in South Africa!

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When the second season of 'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted' premieres on 26 August at 21:00 on National Geographic (DStv 181), South African audiences are in for a treat. Not only does the season start with Ramsay cooking in South Africa, but beloved local chef Zola Nene accompanies him on his culinary adventure in KwaZulu-Natal. 

In the series that emphasises creating authentic local flavours, Zola and Ramsay cook up a culinary feast for a local isiZulu chief. Their creations include braai’d fish, ushatini (tomato & onion salsa), ujeqe (traditional bread), chakalaka and pap, and steak on the braai.

“The main features of isiZulu cuisine are simplicity, beef (we are traditionally cattle farmers after all) and maize, in all forms – samp, pap and umbila (meilies on the cob)” explains Nene. “I am a proud Zulu girl so of course I’m always excited to share my culture, heritage and cuisine with people” she added. 

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When asked about her experience with Ramsay, Nene explains: “My first impression was, wow, he’s really tall! He was so lovely and warm when we met for the first time, personable and engaging. Gordon was incredible to work with and cook with. We had such fun filming, cooking and eating. Cooking for the Chief was also an amazing experience, such an honour to cook for such a revered member of the community”. 

After the South African episode, the multi-Michelin-star chef and Ironman athlete continues his adventure across the globe, turning up the heat in Indonesia, Louisiana, Norway, India, Tasmania, and Guyana. 

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