Alligator expert almost dies as he's attacked by gator

Alligator expert almost dies as he's attacked by gator

Just because you're an expert doesn't mean you aren't in danger...

Alligator expert almost dies as he's attacked by gator
Colorado Gator Farm

Experts in certain fields generally know more than the average Joe.

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But even experts can get things wrong, or in the case of working with dangerous wild animals, they can even lose their lives.

Legendary wildlife educator Steve Irwin, aka 'The Crocodile Hunter', might not have lost his life after an encounter with a stingray, but he died doing what he loved.

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Most wildlife educators will walk away from an attack or animal encounter unharmed, but there is always a risk.

One alligator expert, Chad, who is an employee at the Colorado Gator Farm, recently had a bit of a scare while feeding one of their resident gators, Elvis.

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In a video which was captured by park visitors, you can see Chad giving Elvis his lunch, a whole turkey, when things go wrong:

Luckily, the park has posted the video and said in their caption that everyone remained unharmed and that Chad will now be working on his turkey throwing.

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Main image courtesy of Colorado Gator Farm/Facebook

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