SA TikToker warns parents about taking kids to see 'Barbie'

SA TikToker warns parents about taking kids to see 'Barbie'

Don't say you haven't been warned!

SA TikToker warns parents about taking kids to see 'Barbie'

To many people's surprise, the 'Barbie' movie received a PG13 age restriction.

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Most of us thought this would be a basic movie about a doll, surrounded by pink things and possibly have a Disney feel to it, even though it's not an animation.

As it turns out, the 'Barbie' movie has caused viewers to leave the movie theatre quite emotional.

For this exact reason, many parents have been turned away from the theatres or denied entry when accompanying their younger children to a screening, as the cinemas are prohibiting under 13s from watching the movie.

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One South African TikToker, Tums The Narrator, shared her recent experience of the same nature and posted the video as a warning to other adults hoping to take kids to see 'Barbie'.

According to Tums, she wasn't the only parent baffled by this restriction, as she was a guardian accompanying someone under the age of 13, and wasn't alone in wanting a refund.

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After it was established no refunds would be given, there was quite a commotion and another parent stepped in and took charge:

@tumsthenarrator #tumsthenarrator #justtums #PG13 ♬ original sound - Tums The Narrator

That's definitely one way of handling it.

And a truly South African way.

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Main image courtesy of @tumsthenarrator/TikTok

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