Parents physically fight during 'Barbie' screening

Parents physically fight during 'Barbie' screening

When going to the cinema, you definitely do not expect moviegoers to throw hands at each other!

Parents physically fight during 'Barbie' screening

When going to the movies, there is a certain etiquette that needs to be adhered to.

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It's common knowledge that while a movie is playing on the theatre screen, you are not to have minutes-long, loud discussions or be on your phone, ruining the experience for the people around you. 

If that is an issue for you, you may try watching movies in the comfort of your own home.

You might also save yourself from being verbally and, in this case, physically assaulted.

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Recently at a screening of the 'Barbie' movie in Brazil, things got heated during the credits as a brawl broke out.

According to the person on TikTok, Sophia Ferreira, who originally posted the footage (it has since been removed from her profile), the fight started with a typical fiery exchange of words.

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Things then drastically escalated as one woman pushed another:

Fight at the Barbie movie
by u/romeofantasy in PublicFreakout

Others have since also provided translations and said that the woman was complaining because the other had let her child watch YouTube at full volume throughout the movie.

While that is justifiably annoying, there are many other ways this interaction could have gone before getting physical.

May this be a lesson, and a warning, to all of us.

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Main image courtesy of r/PublicFreakout/Reddit

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