Ouma Rusks gets a Barbie makeover!

Ouma Rusks gets a Barbie makeover!

Barbie mania is still going strong.

Ouma Rusks join in on Barbie mania with pink makeover
Ouma Rusks/Facebook

Since before its release, the 'Barbie' movie has been leaving its pink mark on everything.

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And we mean everything!

From pink Barbie-themed Burger King meals to Barbie Crocs, it seems like nothing has been left untouched by the iconic doll's influence.

The movie has now been released in South African theatres and the response has been incredible.

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If you have been in and around a movie theatre the past few days, you can spot a 'Barbie' moviegoer from a mile away.

With everyone hopping on the pink train, it only makes sense that one of South Africa's most loved brands with an iconic legacy of its own joined in on the fun.

In a very short and sweet, yet effective post on social media, Ouma Rusks has said it loud and proud, "I look good in pink":

Mzansi has reacted by saying they are happy to finally put a face to the brand and love the look!

We have to say: we agree.

They have not revealed when these limited editions will be available in store.

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Main image courtesy of Ouma Rusks/Facebook

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