Angry neighbour leaves scary letter on car

Angry neighbour leaves scary letter on car

It's always nice finding an anonymous threatening letter on your car...

Woman is 'shaken' after finding threatening note on car which was parked in 'perfectly legal' spot

Many people would like to avoid confrontations of any kind, especially violent ones.

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So there is nothing wrong with leaving a note on someone's car, in their post box, on their doorstep or somewhere else you know they'll be able to find it if you would like to communicate your distress or unhappiness with certain actions in your neighbourhood.

However, leaving threatening messages is definitely not the way to do it, especially if this is the first time you are addressing the situation.

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One Facebook user recently posted a picture on the Royton Community Hub group. Wishing to stay anonymous, they shared a picture of a note they had found on their mother-in-law's car.

The Facebook poster said in their caption that the unnecessarily aggressive note had left their mother-in-law 'shaken' and 'worried':

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You might be wondering, 'What could a note have possibly said that affected the woman so much?'

Well, they had accused the lady of parking in the wrong spot and insinuated that they will use a tin opener to damage the car in case this happens again.

You can read the full note here:

Woman is 'shaken' after finding threatening note on car which was parked in 'perfectly legal' spot
Royton Community Hub/Facebook

In a nice change of pace, the comments have been full of support saying that the lady, according to the law, had all the right to park her car where it was.

Hopefully the writer of the note is also on this group and will be so embarrassed by their actions that they never do something like this again!

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