Future flights to Australia will take two hours through space!

Future flights to Australia will take two hours through space!

Travelling for 24 hours might soon be a thing of the past...

Suborbital flights that travel between London and Sydney via space will be made possible within the next ten years

Even when you're looking to visit friends and family who you love dearly, a 24-hour trip, with or without layovers, is an exhausting excursion. 

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It might even have you reconsidering taking a vacation to see the land down under, rather settling for something closer to home.

But what if a flight to Australia would only take you two hours and took you on a detour through space?

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Aviation experts at the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are working hard on figuring out how passengers experience G-forces and suborbital long-haul trips with the hopes of using this data to create a flight that will cut the time from England to Australia by 20 hours by sending it into space before it re-enters Earth's orbit.

According to what they know at this point, some passengers do experience 'physiological responses', but this will likely not affect all passengers.

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It seems like this is the latest in space innovation.

From space tourism and enjoying Michelin-star meals on the moon to sending celebs to outer space, it seems like civilization is moving further and further away from Earth every day.

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