Space tourists will be able to enjoy Michelin-star meals!

Space tourists will be able to enjoy Michelin-star meals!

Top chefs from around the world are making food for the final frontier.

michelin star chefs are catering for space tourists

With companies such as Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic working on making space tourism more accessible, one has to wonder what other perks might be included in your out-of-this-world experience.

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Apparently, the next big thing in space travel is gourmet cooking.

But how do you take fine dining and get it into space when they are so extremely strict on what goes up there?

Well, the transition for chefs into an area of expertise dominated by food scientists has not been easy but very rewarding.

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Charisse Grey, who leads research and development for the chef’s ThinkFoodGroup, has said that food scientists are more focused on calorie intake and nutrition whereas they want to provide a tasty experience.

According to The Guardian: "Dishes had to be nutritious, survive microbe-killing sterilisation of 121C (252F), and largely avoid the use of free-floating liquids."

While we're still working towards one day having a Michelin-star meal on Earth, it's incredible to see where science and technology is able to take people and food in the future.

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