"Fyre Festival vibes": Formula 1 spectators pay R5,000 for fruit salad

"Fyre Festival vibes": Formula 1 spectators pay R5,000 for fruit salad

Tweeps have not been holding back while commenting on the expensive and pretty disappointing F1 Miami food menu.

Fyre Festival Miami Grand Prix food menu expensive

There is no doubt in any Formula 1 Grand Prix fans' and viewers' minds that it is an expensive and quite lavish sport.

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The races take place in many first-world countries and the hosts generally pull out all the stops, pun intended, to show the world what they've got.

Most recently the race was held in Miami, USA and not only did they have LL Cool J do the racer's announcements and the cast members of 'Fast and Furious' franchise made an appearance, but the food menu is what caught many people's attention.

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One attendee shared a picture of the now-infamous Miami menu that has the social media streets talking.

People were shocked to find out how much people were paying at the event, but what was even more surprising was what the food actually looked like!

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While you could pay R7,400 to add caviar to any dish, other meals included a fruit salad for R5,400 and prawns with sauce for R9,200.

One Twitter user posted a picture of a "fancy" Wagyu beef sandwich saying that it was giving "Fyre festival vibes". The festival is now known for being a complete disaster most notably after festivalgoers shared pictures of the plain sandwiches they received which contained one single slice of cheese after paying massive amounts to be there.

You can see the sandwich and menu below:

The food may have been a bit disappointing but they still got to witness one of the world's greatest sporting events so you could argue that attendees were pretty lucky either way.

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