WATCH: Shark attacks fisherman in kayak

WATCH: Shark attacks fisherman in kayak

This might seem like a scene out of 'Jaws' but it's 100% real.

Terrifying moment tiger shark rams into man's kayak after 'mistaking it for prey'
Hawaii Nearshore Fishing/YouTube

A shark attack is something some of us have only witnessed in movies or dreamt about in our nightmares.

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There have been many tragic, brave, and unbelievable stories of people surviving an attack by one of these sea creatures and there definitely isn't a likelihood of the incident being captured on film.

One local Hawaiian fisherman recently encountered a vicious tiger shark and was able to film the whole thing as it happened.

Scott Haraguchi was in his kayak off the coast of Hawaii when the tiger shark attacked his boat. Luckily, his reflexes were quick enough that he escaped the situation completely unscathed.

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Haragutchi uploaded the video to YouTube, where it has since been viewed over 1.4-million times - and the footage is truly incredible.

You can watch the terrifying moment here:

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Scott shared more of the story in the description for the video:

Scott also told KITV4 that he suspects that the shark might have mistaken his kayak for prey as he later spotted a wounded seal in the water.

Either way, this is certainly a situation you do not want to get caught up in.

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