WATCH: TikTokers warned not to try viral egg boiling hack

WATCH: TikTokers warned not to try viral egg boiling hack

As the professionals always say: Do not try this at home...

TikTokers warned not to try viral egg boiling hack

When it comes to food hacks, make-up hacks, and any other hack you could possibly imagine, TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Unfortunately, not all hacks are created equal and some of them do result in failures.

The most recent "hack" involves eggs. However, TikTokers and others who might have come across these videos have now been warned not to try this "hack" as it can have disastrous consequences.

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The hack shows you how to do a quick and easy boiled or poached egg in the microwave and while the method seems innocent enough, the results can be quite dangerous.

Two users, Rafael (@rafaeluccman) and Jessenya (@jessenyabenavidez) have both posted videos showing how their boiled eggs turned violent.

You can watch the videos below to see what happens and hopefully learn from their mistakes:


cozinha por amor

♬ som original - Rafael Uccman
@jessenyabenavidez Back in December when my niece tried boiling her eggs in the microwave 😭 #fyp #boiledegg #microwave #fail #pop #learnedherlesson ♬ original sound - Jessenya Benavidez

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Another user, Chantelle (@chantelleconway2020) filled a cup with water, placed the egg inside, and when she tried to scoop it out after cooking it, the egg popped out and the hot water hit her face, causing her to suffer severe facial burns:

@chantelleconway2020 ⚠️ warning ⚠️ please please people stop doing ur Porched  eggs in the microwave 💔 I was VERY VERY lucky .Iv now got to just leave it to heal #fypシ ♬ original sound - Chantelle Conway 🖤

Let this be a warning that you should not always try every hack you see and sometimes the tried and tested ways are the best ways.

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Main image courtesy of @jessenyabenavidez/TikTok

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