Drunk driver uses dog to try and avoid being arrested

Drunk driver uses dog to try and avoid being arrested

Desperate times might call for desperate measures, but there is no excuse for drunk driving.

Drunk driver tries to avoid police arrest by swapping seats with dog

Most of us have found ourselves in some compromising situations where we might try our best to avoid the consequences of our actions.

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Unfortunately, some of the most serious consequences involve the law, and rightfully so.

Drunk driving should never be condoned and is extremely unsafe, but sometimes you still get those rule breakers who think they'll get lucky and avoid any trouble.

One such drunk driver recently found himself in trouble with the law when he was driving under the influence and got pulled over by police in Springfield, USA.

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The driver was pulled over for speeding and quickly tried to think on his feet and avoid arrest by trying to switch places with his dog.

This naturally backfired as dogs are famously known for not being able to drive.

Not only did the driver try - and fail - to bamboozle the arresting officers, but he then made a daring attempt to escape the situation by running away. He did not get very far.

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You can read the full police statement about the incident, which was posted on Facebook, below:

Luckily, everyone can rest easy knowing the dog won't have to worry about a criminal record and only received a warning.

Hopefully, the dog and owner will make better choices next time and not find themselves in such circumstances again.

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