Barbers in bikinis is the latest hair trend in South Africa

Barbers in bikinis is the latest hair trend in South Africa

The Bikini Barbershop in Langebaan decided to do things a bit differently when they opened their doors in March 2023.

Bikini Barber in Langebaan shares new way of grooming
Bikini Barber/Facebook

We all know bananas in pyjamas, but now it's time for barbers in bikinis!

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Although the concept originated in the United States of America, the owner said that she thought it would be a fun, tongue-in-cheek idea to bring to South Africa, so she decided to take the leap and start her own Bikini Barbershop.

While the owner has preferred to stay anonymous, the marketing manager, Marlize Erasmus, spoke to IOL and shared that although they have received some hurtful comments and a bit of backlash since opening their doors, all the ladies who work at the barbershop feel comfortable and safe.

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There is also a zero-tolerance policy for any men who don't behave themselves or act inappropriately.

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They currently have five employees but are looking to expand the business. The requirements for any applicants are as follows:

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While it may not be for everyone, the owner has said that most ladies will accompany their husbands while enjoying a coffee and a laugh and many women buy gift cards for their male friends.

She also stated that her main goal was job creation and all her current employees had been unemployed before they joined the Bikini Barber.

Whatever your opinion about this specific business model might be, there's no denying that it is a very unique, never-before-seen experience in South Africa!

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Main image courtesy of Bikini Barber/Facebook

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