Cambridge Dictionary announces surprising Word of the Year 2023

Cambridge Dictionary announces surprising Word of the Year 2023

Not only have they chosen a Word Of The Year, but they've changed its definition.

Cambridge Dictionary announces surprising Word of the Year 2023
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Usually, when an organisation such as a dictionary announces its chosen Word of the Year, it is something that has either been prevalent throughout the year, has been used a lot or has had an impact in some way.

If you were to think of a Word of the Year for 2023, you might come up with Springboks, loadshedding or permacrisis.

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Cambridge Dictionary has announced it's Word of the Year and it's an interesting one.

The Word of the Year according to them is: hallucinate.

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Generally, you might find yourself hallucinating when you've had a hard bump to the head or you are under the influence of some substances.

This year, however, Cambridge Dictionary chose the word 'hallucinate' because of its relation to artificial intelligence (AI).

They have updated the original definition, "seem to see, hear, feel, or smell” a thing that does not exist, to include the hallucinations of AI. 

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Yes, you read that correctly.

Cambridge dictionary word of the year 2023
Cambridge Dictionary
Cambridge Dictionary Word of the Year Hallucinate definition
Cambridge Dictionary

So in case you thought AI was just a temporary thing and the hype would pass, it seems like it's here to stay.

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