Celebrity chef bans vegans from restaurant for "mental health reasons'

Celebrity chef bans vegans from restaurant for "mental health reasons"

Warning: Do not try to slander chef John Mountain's business.

Celebrity chefs bans vegans from restaurant for mental health reasons

Those with dietary restrictions can have difficulty deciding where to go when dining out.

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However, some would argue that since vegetarianism, veganism, and other "diets" are more lifestyle choices, you shouldn't be upset if some restaurants, or chefs in this case, choose not to cater to your needs.

Renowned chef John Mountain, who is head chef at Fyre Restaurant in Perth, Australia, recently made it very clear that a certain group of people are no longer welcome in his restaurant after a very intense incident.

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According to Mountain, a vegan customer came to the restaurant and was underwhelmed by the dish they were served.

They were especially shocked by the price tag, which was a whole $32 (R400):

The chef has since done an interview stating that he has no issues with any specific group of people.

You can hear his full explanation for the ban here:

So if you're a vegan on your way to Perth, we would suggest finding a different dinner spot.

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