SEE: Shoppers get revenge on terribly parked car

SEE: Shoppers get revenge on terribly parked car

Sometimes there is nothing sweeter than revenge...

Petty locals show terrible car parker revenge

You've probably encountered those speed racers on the highway pretending to be Formula 1 drivers.

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Or, even worse, you've arrived at the mall and now have to find an available parking spot. You see one from afar only to discover that some self-righteous driver has obnoxiously parked across two spots, making it impossible for anyone else to use either of the spots.

Sometimes you want to say something or tell these drivers how you feel!

But you don't always get the chance.

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Well, a bunch of very unimpressed Australians decided to show one terrible driver what happens when you park like you own the place.

The car was spotted in a parking lot, confidently standing across two parking spaces. 

Locals decided that since he obviously parked in such a way that would make it easy for the driver to get out of the space, they'll just make it harder.

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You can see their petty revenge below:

I love how petty Canberran’s can be - found at Belco Westfield.
by u/littlelauralollylegs in canberra

If there's anything we have learned from this it's that:

1. Do not anger Aussies.

2. You can teach someone a lesson without damaging their property.

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Main image courtesy of r/canberra/Reddit

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