Llama dressed as groomsman attends wedding

Llama dressed as groomsman attends wedding

These might be some of the greatest pictures we've ever seen...

Llama dressed as groomsman attends wedding
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Spotting dogs and cats in onesies, jackets, and cute costumes has become very frequent over the years.

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But wild animals tend to only be seen sporting their birthday suits and flaunting their own fur or feathers.

Something we definitely never thought we would see is a llama in a tuxedo.

Luckily, thanks to Llama Adventures, this not only happened in real life, but they also have photographic evidence of the moment.

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Llama Adventures is an American llama farm that offers all kinds of experiences, all involving their lovely llamas.

One couple, Adam and Tara, decided that they wanted their wedding day to be extra special by inviting a llama to join them, not as a guest, but as a groomsman.

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J the llama was dressed up and made it into all of the pictures. It is not only adorable but hilarious to see.

Have a look (and a laugh):

It seems like everyone had a llama-zing time!

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Main image courtesy of iStock/MayaCom

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