Shopper finds live snake inside of broccoli packet

Shopper finds live snake inside of broccoli packet

"Snake" has now been added to the list of things we do not want to find inside our groceries.

Shopper finds live snake inside of broccoli packet
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There is nothing worse than finding a surprise animal visitor in a place you did not expect them.

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Whether it's half a worm in your salad or a spider on your shoulder, no matter the situation, it is bound to leave you feeling a little scared and extra wary.

When going shopping, one definitely does not expect to find a snake in your broccoli packet, especially one that's still alive!

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According to Sky News, a UK customer, Neville Linton, 63, was shocked and frightened when he saw a live ladder snake wedged into the broccoli bunch he had purchased from a local supermarket.

He had taken the vegetables from his fridge as he was preparing to cook a meal when he spotted the reptile nestled in the bunch.

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Mr Linton was compensated following the incident, but he has stated that he is not satisfied with the amount the supermarket chain has offered him, as the snake posed a serious threat to the people in his home.

He has his disabled son and vulnerable mother-in-law living with him and says the amount does not validate the risk the family faced.

The snake has since been taken to Dudley Zoo and while it does have a serious bite, it is luckily non-venomous.

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Main image courtesy of iStock/Kalina Ravutsova

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