Documentary about competitive tickling labeled as a 'horror'

Documentary about competitive tickling labeled as a 'horror'

Ever heard of competitive tickling? Neither did we and if we have to know about it, so do you...

Documentary about competitive tickling labeled as a 'horror'

Documentaries are not a new thing at all.

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In the last few years, however, creators, streaming services, directors, and even the public have breathed new life into this genre.

Watching true crime documentaries has almost become a personality trait and fans of the genre are constantly keeping an eye on social media to hear about the latest docu-series that is on everyone's must-watch list.

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Viewers have recently rediscovered an older Netflix documentary that was released in 2016 and although it may seem like a very innocent expose, the doc soon takes a disturbing turn.

The documentary is called 'Tickled' and was filmed by David Farrier, a New Zealand journalist who is well-known for his other series, 'Dark Tourist'.

The documentary starts off quite inconspicuously as Farrier discovers that competitive endurance tickling is a real thing that people participate in.

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When trying to find out more about this "sport", homophobic abuse is hurled at Farrier, although this does not stop him from delving further into this world.

What most viewers did not expect is for the world of competitive endurance tickling to have a very dark and twisted foundation that it seems to be built on and thrives on:


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While 'Tickled' has been given the title of 'most disturbing' documentary by most of its viewers, most people who have watched it have sung its praises and will even recommend it if you are on the hunt for a new watch:

So now you know...

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