VIDEO: Man explains what dying feels like

VIDEO: Man explains what dying feels like

There are few things as final as death...


We try not to be too morbid around here.

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But at this current moment in time, death is inevitable.

While there might be billionaires who are trying to reverse or slow down the ageing process, it is something we have to come to terms with. Although that doesn't make dealing with it any less unpleasant.

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In a recent video that has captured the attention of almost everyone online, one man casually stated that he had died and come back to life.

The video shows one man doing street interviews where interviewers will approach random people on the street and ask them questions.

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The interviewer in this video is taken aback when the interviewee takes off his glasses and shows him how they're broken. Without any hesitation, the man wearing the glasses then explains that he broke them during a seizure which is a side effect of his death a year ago.

That's not even the wildest part of the story.

The interviewee then describes something that some of us are definitely curious about... what it feels like when you die:

While it is truly interesting to hear what someone experienced, it is important to note - just as the man said - this was his experience.

It still might be different for every one of us but until that fateful day, we'll just never know.

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