Fan takes selfie with Trevor Noah after bumping into him in unexpected place

Fan takes selfie with Trevor Noah after bumping into him in unexpected place

Celebrities, they're just like us...

Trevor Noah
Twitter/ Trevor Noah

Famous faces are put on such a pedestal it's almost impossible to imagine them doing normal, everyday things like the rest of us.

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Cher is most likely not doing her own washing and most of these celebs have a team of people who are at their beck and call, ready to do the tasks that they don't want to do themselves.

Although Trevor Noah has made quite the name for himself internationally, the South African comedian is still staying humble and keeping himself grounded by doing his own grocery shopping in the actual supermarket.

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Noah recently returned to SA and surprised the audience at Kevin Hart's show in Pretoria, but he also popped up in another location where the public was caught off-guard by his presence.

Keenan Constance shared a smiley picture of him with the former 'Daily Show' host which was taken in a local supermarket while Trevor was busy buying some groceries:

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Keenan did mention in his caption that there are other, possibly easier ways for Trevor to get his shopping done without even having to leave his house.

Much to his horror, however, Keenan then later came to a very sad and terrifying realisation:

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After seeing the snap Checkers decided to retweet it with their own witty caption:

We're happy to see Trevor enjoying his time home as he is set to leave again for a tour very soon.

But don't stress, you could still have a chance to take a picture of Trevor doing mundane tasks as he will return to SA in August.

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Main image courtesy of Trevor Noah/Twitter


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