Heinz reveals ideal storage conditions for tomato sauce

Heinz reveals ideal storage conditions for tomato sauce

In case you didn't know, the debate about whether or not tomato sauce (or ketchup) should be kept in the fridge is a controversial one.

Heinz reveals ideal storage conditions for tomato sauce

We finally have an answer to the age-old question that we didn't even know needed to be answered.

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Now it's time to 'ketchup' on the details.

When it comes to food debates, one could argue that it's all about preferences.

If you like pineapple on your pizza, don't let anyone stop you.

If you choose to keep condiments in a cupboard instead of the fridge, who cares?

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But when a major brand such as Heinz Ketchup tells you how to store their product, you tend to listen because surely they know best?

The brand caused a major stir on social media when it recently Tweeted this:

So there you have it, but obviously, it's not that simple.

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They then followed up the original tweet with a poll to see who is actually storing their ketchup in the correct way and who is putting it back in the cupboard.

At the time of publishing, the poll revealed that the results are much closer than you would think:

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Users also shared some other suggestions that are unique and definitely interesting:

They also brilliantly responded who dared to question their judgement:

Luckily, it seems that just like ketchup, the controversial conversation has cooled down... for now.

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