Influencer gets stitches after stunt goes horribly wrong

Influencer gets stitches after stunt goes horribly wrong

The gym is a place where people go to improve their health, but this bodybuilder ended up in the emergency room.

bradley martin

Fitness influencer and bodybuilder, Bradley Martin, is well-known for doing some strange stunts in the gym, but his newest stunt ended horribly.

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For his latest gym stunt, Martin decided that it would be a good idea to do a chest press with a woman standing on top of the plate.

The video starts out well enough as the woman gets onto the plate, but as soon as he starts lifting her up things got shaky.

As he presses the woman up, she squats down on the plate but loses her balance and shoves the heavy plate into Martin’s face.

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Martin was rushed to the emergency room and received a whopping 10 stitches inside his mouth.

Watch the video below:

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