Why Kate Middleton decided not to wear a royal crown at the Coronation

Why Kate Middleton decided not to wear a royal crown at the Coronation

King Charles III has officially been crowned in the UK's first coronation since 1953 - and it's the hottest topic right now.

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton did not wear tiara to King Charles III Coronation

For weeks, the King's coronation has been the talk of the town and now that it's finally taken place, there is even more to discuss.

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From meme-able moments like the adorable Prince Louis, the youngest of William and Kate's children, yawning throughout the ceremony to the incredibly proud moment South African soprano Pretty Yende sang her heart out.

Most notably, there has been much discussion surrounding the fashion choices of the day, like Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton's choice of headdress.

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Usually, an event like this would see the ladies of the royal family wearing bejewelled tiaras that would make any wannabe princess's heart flutter.

Instead, Kate decided to leave the tiara at home and opted for something different, wearing a flower headpiece, resembling a flower crown, designed and made by Jess Collett x Alexander McQueen. It was decked out in sequins and metallic beading.

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While Kate herself has not commented on why she chose this specific headpiece, many have speculated that it was in an attempt to match the scaled-back ceremony and to remain more low key.

The rest of the senior royals also opted to do the same with King Charles III and Queen Camilla being the only two who wore ornate toppers.

With or without a tiara, she looked as gorgeous and regal as ever!

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