LISTEN: Can you identify the cereal only through sound?

LISTEN: Can you identify the cereal only through sound?

The 7th of March is International Cereal Day and we are celebrating in a very unique way...

LISTEN: Can you identify the cereal only through sound?

Cereal has played a fundamental role in breakfasts all around the world for decades.

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The first-ever breakfast cereal was created in 1863 by James Caleb Jackson and was called Granula (not to be confused with granola). It was made from graham flour dough, broken into shapes and was so hard it had to be soaked in milk overnight.

But the cereal man whom most people know is John Harvey Kellogg, who, along with his younger brother Will Keith Kellogg, created flaked cereal which led to Corn Flakes.

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So the Kellogg cereal empire was born.

Cereal has also had its fair share of controversies as an "unhealthy" food, but there's no doubt that it is still a staple in many households.

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Whether you are an adult or child, whether you eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, everyone has their favourites.

This is why we decided to celebrate International Cereal Day with a special challenge.

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Rozanne McKenzie was blindfolded, and her goal was to identify the cereal by the sound it made when hitting the bowl.

Will she be able to do it? Watch to find out:

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