LISTEN: What will your groceries be costing you this month?

LISTEN: What will your groceries be costing you this month?

The growing hole in your wallet caused by the rising grocery costs is being tracked on the Drive with Rob & Roz...


Making sense of terms like consumer price inflation (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and ever-changing economic data can be daunting. 

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The Drive with Rob and Roz wants to understand why living costs are rising, so Jacaranda FM Newscast Editor, Christelle du Toit, will be doing some shopping every month. 

The team has drawn up a basic basket of groceries that, while not representative of a full month's - or even week’s – need, will be serving as a benchmark for how much the price of basic goods is changing every month. 

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Each payday (the 25th of the month, for most South Africans), we will be shopping the same basket at three major retailers that offer online shopping – delivery costs are not included in the basket, and the retailers are Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay, and Woolworths. 

We will be checking which retailer is the cheapest, how much prices are fluctuating month-on-month, where the best specials are each month, and what this tells us about financial developments in the country and world. 

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In our basket is the following: 

• 1 x White bread (Albany or store brand)

• 2 x 500g macaroni or spaghetti (cheapest brand available)

• 1 x 2.5kg white sugar (cheapest brand available)

• 2 x 2l milk (fresh milk, cheapest brand available)

• 1 x 2kg rice (cheapest brand available)

• 1 x 500g ground mince (regular)

• 1 x multipack chicken pieces (cheapest brand available)

• 1 x 2l sunflower/canola oil (cheapest brand available)

• 1 x dozen eggs (large eggs, cheapest brand available)

• 1 x bar of soap (cheapest brand available)

• 1 x multipack tampons (cheapest brand available)

• 1 x 9-pack 2-ply toilet paper (cheapest brand available)

• 1 x small packet fruit (apples or pears, whichever is cheaper) 

• 1 x chocolate slab (80g, cheapest available)

The Drive with Rob and Roz will update you each month on the cost of the basket and help you make sense of what this means for your household budgeting.

View the month-to-month comparison in the interactive timeline below: 

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