LISTEN: "They ordered food at my braai and insulted my wife!"

LISTEN: "They ordered food at my braai and insulted my wife!"

Let's talk about braai etiquette...

LISTEN: "They ordered food at my braai and insulted my wife!"

Every Monday, Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie will sift through their mailbag looking to help a listener in need.

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Not all are equally as serious, but no matter the issue, the team will address them all with the same intensity.

And with the help of Jacaranda FM listeners, the team will do their best to assist the person in need.

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Here's a look at today's dilemma:

"Hi Drive team!

I hope you're Monday is going well. 

My wife and I are very upset because of an incident that took place over the weekend.

We decided to host a braai with some of our very close friends.

We provided all the food, including the meat, sides, everything. All they had to bring was their own booze.

Everyone was gathered at our house by 3 pm and we were having a jol.

Around 6 pm, a food delivery service rocked up to our house and it turns out two of our friends were fed up with waiting for the actual braai to start, so they had ordered food.

They hadn't ordered food for anyone except themselves, although that was not the reason everyone else was mad.

My wife was devastated because she had worked hard to prepare all the food, and the rest of our group all agreed that their decision to order food was completely insulting.

They argued that they were hungry and couldn't wait for the braai to happen. They ended up leaving soon after realizing that the braai-ing was still not going to start anytime soon.

After things settled down, we started to braai at 8 pm and everyone else had a lovely time and loved the food.

But since that night, my wife and I can't help but wonder: were we wrong for being upset with these friends and their behaviour, or were we bad hosts?"

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Take a listen to find out how things escalated and what advice our listener received.

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