Man sets record after visiting Disneyland for 2995 consecutive days

Man sets record after visiting Disneyland for 2995 consecutive days

There are Disney lovers and then there's Jeff Reitz...

Jeff Reitz sets record for most consecutive visits to Disneyland with 2995 days
Jeff Reitz/Twitter

It's hard not to love the Disney universe.

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Whether you are a fan of the movies, series or theme parks, there's something special about this world that was created by Walt Disney.

While kids tend to be huge Disney fans, Disney adults also exist and are people who are obsessed with the brand as well.

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Although there is very clearly one Disney superfan and that's Jeff Reitz.

Jeff has been visiting Disneyland consecutively for eight years, three months, and 13 days - and has officially set a new record!

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It all started back in 2012 when he had just lost his job and was gifted a Disneyland annual pass to help him get out of the house and keep him motivated while job hunting.

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While Jeff started making headlines he also received a few special gifts from Disneyland for his continued support, including a gift basket and proclamation certificates of Honorary Citizenship for celebrating his 366th visit, dinner after completing his second year, and a gift backpack on the day 2000.

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Jeff also loves sharing his trips on social media and always shares a video of him entering the park:

He has also mentioned that he would love to return with his Guinness World Records title certificate to the place where it all happened.

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Main image courtesy of Jeff Reitz/Twitter

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