WATCH: Man shares controversial tip for saving money on bananas

WATCH: Man shares controversial tip for saving money on bananas

In today's economy, we'll take any money-saving hacks we can get...

Man shares tips for buying bananas cheap money hack
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Money-saving tips are always going to be needed and most of us would not say no to the opportunity to save more money when buying groceries.

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Inflation is constantly on the up and grocery specials are your friend.

One TikTok user has found a super interesting and some might say frowned upon way of saving money when buying fruit.

More specifically, bananas.

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Mason and Mai run the TikTok account, @savingforboba, and recently shared a video that has caused some controversy.

Mai went shopping with her boyfriend and filmed him as he weighed his bananas, but there was something very strange about the way he saves money on paying for bananas:

@savingforboba the secondhand embarrassment tho #lifehacks #savemoney #straya #australia ♬ original sound - Lips Unsealed

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While we all are trying our best to save money where we can, this method does seem a bit extreme.

Other users on the app also agreed that this is even enough reason to dump this man:

Desperate times do call for desperate measures, but it might still be a while before we try and test this hack.

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Main image courtesy of iStock/Roman Valiev

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