Margot Robbie reveals what actors are sniffing and smoking in movie scenes

Margot Robbie reveals what actors are sniffing and smoking in movie scenes

She also spilled a few other industry secrets...

Actress Margot Robbie reveals what actors are actually sniffing in movie scenes

Watching a film is like taking a one to two-hour break from reality (three hours if you decide to watch 'Avatar: The Way of the Water').

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Even if it is a film based on real-life, the actors are still portraying a certain character, some locations don't really exist, and even the substances, especially the illegal ones, aren't real.

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While promoting her latest feature, 'Babylon', Margot Robbie spoke to Buzzfeed about what really goes on behind the scenes.

'Babylon' is set in the 1920s and follows the careers of various Hollywood stars as they are surrounded by decadence, depravity, and drama.

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In the trailer, you get a taste of all this debauchery as you see Brad Pitt fall from a balcony and witness some of the extravagant parties that take place.

The part that really caught a lot of people's attention, and even provided a jumpscare or two, is the very first frame which shows the Paramount logo in white.

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All of a sudden you hear a snorting noise as the stars of the logo disappear.

You can watch it below:

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As one can deduce from the movie synopsis, drugs do feature pretty heavily throughout.

Ever wondered what actors are actually putting up their noses? Or maybe you even just assumed that all movie cigarettes are real cigarettes?

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According to Robbie, the cigarettes are actually herbal cigarettes that contain no nicotine, but still smell and taste horrible.

The "cocaine" can be one of a few things though and it depends on the scene. If the actor has to ingest it, then it's vitamin B powder, which Robbie also admits is still not nice, or if they are not ingesting it, they tend to use icing sugar or ground-up baby laxative.

You learn something new every day!

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