Netflix reveals its top 10 scariest horror movies

Netflix reveals its top 10 scariest horror movies

What better way to end spooky season than having a terrifying movie night?

Netflix reveals its top 10 scariest horror movies
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Halloween is here and the scariest month of them all is officially coming to an end.

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This might be a relief for some while others are sad that their favourite time of the year is over.

If you want to celebrate the end of the season by watching some of the scariest movies out there, or if you just want to put your bravery to the test, then we have the perfect list for you.

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Netflix has revealed a list of movies that viewers find so scary that they can't even finish watching.

The streaming giant determined this by using specific criteria. This list was compiled by putting together all the movies that users could only watch at least 70% of before switching off.

Warning: this is not for sensitive viewers or the faint of heart.

10. Jeruzalem

9. The Void

8. The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

7. The Conjuring

6. Teeth

5. Raw

4. Piranha

3. México Bárbaro

2. Carnage Park

1. Cabin Fever

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