Rachel Kolisi shares adorable mother-daughter moment

Rachel Kolisi shares adorable mother-daughter moment

Rachel Kolisi and her daughter, Keziah, documented their baking session and it's as funny as it is cute.

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Whether you are a celebrity or not, spending time with your loved ones is precious and should always be a priority.

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Siya and Rachel Kolisi have always been very outspoken about how important their family is to them, whether dad is jetting overseas for a game or mom is travelling for work, they always try to put emphasis on family time.

And believe it or not, even a household name and popular South African family such as the Kolisis sometimes have to bake their own cookies. Which is pretty high up on the list of bonding activities one can do with your family.

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What can only make it more special is when you don't bake cookies for yourself but when you bake with the intent of helping a charity.

Rachel, her daughter, and Siya’s half-sister, Phelo, decided to record their baking endeavour with Phelo keeping the conversation going - and hilarity ensued.

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The cookies that they are baking are called "Kolisi Foundation Cookies” and are produced in collaboration with Okja, with all the proceeds from purchases going to the Kolisi Foundation.

Watch the process/bonding experience here:

Rachel also said that she is excited to see other people's creations as the cookie mixture will soon be available to purchase.

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