SEE: 'Selfie Bear' goes viral after taking 400 adorable pictures of himself

SEE: 'Selfie Bear' goes viral after taking 400 adorable pictures of himself

While tigers are roaming the streets of Mzansi, bears are taking selfies in the USA...

Selfie Bear goes viral after capturing over 400 selfies on wildlife cam
Mandy Fuller Photography/iStock

It seems like Kim Kardashian isn't the only one obsessed with selfies.

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While most of us enjoy taking a selfie every so often, although we don't always want to admit it, it seems like the trend has made its way to the animal kingdom.

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department recently posted a few pictures of a curious black bear who had come across their wildlife camera.

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According to OSMP, wildlife cameras play a very important role when trying to learn more about local species and how they use the landscape around us, while simultaneously minimising the presence of staff in these sometimes sensitive areas. They have a total of nine cameras across approximately 18,615 hectares of land.

Have a look at the pictures below:

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The pictures were actually taken in November 2022 but have only gone viral now after they decided to share them on Twitter - and the black bear was lovingly dubbed 'Selfie Bear'.

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Not only do wildlife cameras provide incredibly useful information, but they can also provide some much-needed entertainment.

Here's to hoping we get more animal selfies in the future!

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Main image courtesy of Mandy Fuller Photography/iStock

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