WATCH: Woman forgets crucial part of gender reveal announcement

WATCH: Woman forgets crucial part of gender reveal announcement

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Gender reveal fail with colourblind partner
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If there's anything we learned in the last few years, it's that gender reveals have gone from a must-do to a questionable practice.

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It all started very innocently with pink or blue cakes and balloons and soon turned into such extravagant moments with each couple trying to put their own creative twist on it, that even the original creator of the concept has said that she now regrets the entire thing.

From an alligator doing the honours to parents being upset with the final result, there is always a slight chance that things can end in disaster.

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One recent TikTok video was a welcome change of pace as one couple shared their very wholesome but confusing gender reveal.

In the video, Jenna Cowan is seen with her partner as they prepare to pop a colourful cannon.

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The big moment happens but that's when the confusion sets in. As the pink confetti is falling the video captions show the man asking what gender the baby is.

Jenna obviously points to the coloured confetti, completely forgetting that her partner is colourblind.

You can watch the adorable video below: He looked so confused, bless this man 😅 #genderreveal #firsttimemum #youngmum #firsttimemom #funny #viral #fyp ♬ The Strumbellas - Spirits - .

It's clear that her partner didn't want to ruin the moment by stating the obvious but Jenna also acknowledges that in her caption stating: "Bless this man".

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