Single man's creative Tinder bio labeled as 'genius'

Single man's creative Tinder bio labeled as 'genius'

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man uses rare concert tickets to get a date on tinder

The dating scene can be tough to navigate.

While apps, websites and other technological advances have made it somewhat easier to find your specific fish in the sea, it's still not 100% guaranteed.

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One man believes he has cracked the code to finding his significant other on the popular dating app, Tinder by using a method that has been dubbed as 'genius'.

The unknown man's Tinder profile, including his biography, has been making the rounds on Facebook and what has caught everyone's attention is what he has "advertised" what he has to offer.

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Everyone knows that Taylor Swift's Eras Tour tickets have been selling out fast and might be one of the most sought-after items in the world.

This unknown Aussie included his Taylor Swift tickets in his Tinder bio with the caption "Need a date for Taylor, thought I better start looking":

Man uses Taylor Swift tickets in tinder bio

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The comments were filled with replies from men and women alike praising this man for his original idea!

Just to give you an idea as to why this man is being hailed as a hero: the Eras Tour ticket sales have set records around the world as Swifties queued for hours in the hopes of getting one single ticket. Four million fans tried to get tickets during the pre-sales and it broke the Australian record for most people in a Ticketek queue.

Comments included “I’d risk possibly getting murdered for this", "Even if his plan was to murder me, I would simply ask for him to wait until after (the concert). A win is a win.” and "Let's be honest, it's genius".

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Others in the comments did warn that the photo he uploaded does not actually imply that he has the tickets.

Whether or not he actually has the tickets, it's a pretty smart move and could come in handy if you are looking to find someone with the same music taste as you for a first date.

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